Service & Parts Staff

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  • Warren Lewis, General Sales Manager
    General Sales Manager
    610-825-4200 ext. 2201

    I have worked at Conicelli since 1988. I am from Wilmington, DE. I am a Virginia Tech alumni. I met my wife at Conicelli and we have been married over 20 years! I also have a daughter who is a student athlete. In my free time I like to play golf and watch college sports -- especially the Virginia Tech Hokies!

  • Dominic M. Conicelli, Vice President
    610-828-1400, ext. 1203

  • Michael Hammond, Vice President Sales and Marketing
    610-828-1400, ext. 1204

  • Lori Hammond, Digital Director & Managing Partner
    610-828-1400 ext. 1208

    I have worked at Conicelli Autoplex since 1991. I started in the Automobile Business at Carriage Trade Auto Auction, which is owned and operated by the Conicelli family, and moved into the new car side of the business in 1999. I currently manage the Internet Department at Conicelli and I am involved in many different aspect of our company. In my free time I enjoy horseback riding, boating, hiking and pretty much all outdoor activities.

  • Donna Conicelli, Human Resources Manager
    Human Resources Manager
    610-828-1400, ext. 1206

  • Jon Hammond, Asst. Sales & Marketing Director
    610-828-1400 ext. 1140

  • Dennis DiFilippo, Sales Manager
    Sales Manager
    610-825-4200, ext. 2210

    I have been a member of the Conicelli team since 2016. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am a proud father of four beautiful children. I am also the luckiest man alive to have my beautiful girlfriend of six years and her two incredible children (six kids altogether!!) My greatest joy is being there for my family. In my free time I am usually with my family and friends, working out, playing sports, having fun and creating awesome memories. I am a Philadelphia sports fan who loves the beach, travelling, and singing in the shower/car.

  • Chris Solarz, Sales Manager
    Sales Manager
    610-825-4200 ext. 2208

    I have been a member of the Conicelli team since 2009. I grew up in New York, as well as Philadelphia, PA. I love spending time with my son and family. When I am not working I enjoy playing poker, playing pool, listening to music, and watching a good movie.

  • Terrance Bartholomew, Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    610-825-4200 ext. 2209

  • David Kahn, Internet Sales Manager
    Internet Sales Manager
    610-828-1400, ext. 1134

    I have worked at Conicelli since 1986. I am from Oreland, PA. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. I am happily married with two grown children. When I am not at work, I enjoy driving and throwing money into my 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.

  • Stephanie Fennell, Internet Sales Manager
    610-828-1400, ext. 1126

  • Courtney Appleton, Internet Sales Manager
    610-828-1400 ext 1301

  • Jack Monteleone, Fixed Operations Director
    Fixed Operations Director
    610-828-1400, ext. 1205

    I have worked at Conicelli since 1993. I am currently the Fixed Operations Director. I grew up in Norristown, PA. In my free time I enjoy traveling golf, and wine tasting events.

  • Tim Mabey, Service Director, Conicelli Autoplex
    610-825-7002 ext. 2660

  • Jack DePre, Nissan Service Manager
    Service Manager
    610-825-4200, ext. 2260

    I started working at Conicelli in 1992. I grew up in Woolwich Township, NJ. When I am not working, I am usually boating, fishing, and involved in winter sports. I am also a member of the Quaker City String Band and the Bryson New Years Brigade.

  • Mark McDonough, Assistant Service Manager
    Assistant Service Manager
    610-825-4200 ext. 2274

    I have worked at Conicelli since 2011. I grew up in Harleysville, PA. I love cars and motorcycles. When I am not working you can find me spending time with my four children. 

  • Craig Rand, Nissan Parts Manager
    Parts Manager
    610-825-4200, ext. 2250

    I have worked at Conicelli since 1999. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. When I am not eorking I enjoy spending as much time with my children as possible. I spend most weekends watching my daughter play soccer. I also collect shot glasses from around the world.

  • Don Fielding, Body Shop Manager
    Body Shop Manager
    610-832-0335, ext. 2897

  • Paula DiGiacomo, Owner Loyalty Manager
    Owner Loyalty Manager
    610-828-1400, ext. 1123

  • Carly Strawman, Marketing Manager
    Marketing Manager
    610-828-1400, ext. 1133

  • Cassandra Arcomone, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4211 ext 2212

    I grew up in Brookhaven, PA. When I am not working I enjoy doing hair and make-up, as well as working on cars. I am a diesel enthusiast! I also love spending time with my family and friends.

  • Rich Anderson, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2203

    I have been a member of the Conicelli team since 2017. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. When I am not working, I love cycling, reading, and going on spontaneous day trips with my family. I am also a movie trivia buff.

  • Ken Glovach, Sales Associate
    610-825-4200, ext. 2957

  • Christen Hartz, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2219

    I have been a part of the Conicelli team since 2017. I am from Chester Springs, PA. When I am not working I love to travel and dive. My greatest joys are good food, good beer, and dogs.

  • Tugkan Karamete, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2202

    I have worked at Conicelli since 1998. I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. A few of my hobbies include diving, fishing, racing, and playing chess.

  • Justine Pearson, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2205

    I have been in the car industry for over 11 years. I am from Philadelphia, PA. When I am not working I enjoy playing softball, flag football, and basketball. I have three dogs and a turtle. I would love the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Ben Moran, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 Ext. 2228

    I grew up in Norristown, PA. I enjoy soccer, football, and racquetball. When I am not at work I like to take bike rides on quiet trails. I live by ARK (Act of Random Kindness).

  • Gideon Ndlovu, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 Ext. 2213

    I am originally from Zimbabwe, but currently live in Skippack, PA. When I am not at work I am normally watching football or basketball and spending time with my wife and children.

  • Lavert Poole, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2220

    I am originally from Detroit, MI. When I am not working I enjoy spending quality time with my family. I also love watching movies and playing video games.

  • Tyler Rietheimer, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2273

    I grew up in Norristown, PA and southern California. When I am not working I enjoy basketball and rescuing dogs.  I believe I am down to earth; and, I am always motivated to learn new things. I also enjoy visiting local animal shelters to find a playmate for my puppy!

  • Eddie Ruiz, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200 ext. 2275

    I started working at Conicelli in 2016. I am originally from Puerto Rico, but currently live in Ridley, PA. When I am not working I enjoy cooking, drawing and music. I also enjoy playing various sports with my two daughters.

  • Ben Whitlow, Sales Consultant
    610-825-4200, ext. 2294

    I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and started at Conicelli in 2016. Some of my favorite teams are the Yankees, Knicks, Giants, Michigan Wolverines, and the Hawaii Rainbows. In my free time I enjoy movies, dancing, eating at new places, and checking out the latest in technology! 

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  • Tom West, Finance Manager
    610-825-4200 Ext. 2214

    I have worked for Conicelli since 1991. I am also from Norristown, PA.

  • John Biehl, Finance Manager
    610-825-4200 ext.2218

    I have been working at Conicelli since 2016. I am from Plymouth Meeting, PA. I love Philadelphia sports teams. When I am not working I enjoy playing hockey, camping, off-roading, and walking my dog.

  • Eric Fishbein, Special Finance Manager
    610-831-7911 ext. 2951

    I am from Teaneck, NJ. I have been working at Conicelli since 2009. In my free-time I am a karaoke superstar!

  • Dmitriy Kichin, Special Finance Manager
    1-888-266-4235 ext. 2964

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